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South Africa reacts about Somizi having HIV #RoastofSomizi: Memes

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Last night, the public got to see the Comedy Central Roast of Somizi for the first time and although there have been multiple warnings issued about the no-holds-barred subject matter of the roast, many still found themselves quite offended.

The most offensive joke of them all seems to be jokes insinuating that Somizi has HIV. This after he revealed in his book that he is living with one of three major terminal illnesses but said that he will never reveal what it is.


As such, the roast panel took carpe diem with that information and made several jokes implying that the star is living with HIV. One such panelist was the best roaster in the business, Skhumba.

The jokes elicited strong reactions from viewers and made others laugh:

Skolopad Tweet Bontle Matu

Fans not happy about the joke…Selma Tweet RoastofSomizi RoastofSomizi

Somizi was not worried about the joke…RoastofSomizi


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