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#SurvivorSA is back: Get ready for the perfect dose of S.E.X.Y, action & drama!!!

Survivor SA is back, and is bigger and better than ever! Just one episode in and all we saw was drama, drama and more drama! Fam people were already plotting!

Set up on the breathtaking and picture perfect island of the Philippines, the reality show has everything a great show needs, from the drama and entertainment to great production.

Survivor SA

This season, which is the sixth installment of the global franchise, has more twists and turns than all the previous ones. One of the most significant things is that the 18 contestants have to outwit, outplay and outlast their competition up to day 39 on the island.

If they added one more day they would be like Jesus, who isolated himself and fasted for 40

And just because this is the Mzansi version of Survivor, they did not disappoint on the diversity end. There is somebody for everybody and some of them are pure snacks!

In case you missed it and you need to know which team you’re rooting for, the contestants bios are available on the Mnet website.

For now, you may not remember all of them but after last night, we know there’s no use investing feelings in Seamus Holmes, the 25-year-old property broker from Durban since his fire was the first to burn out.

But, it looks like it’s going to be a fantastic roller coaster getting to know the remaining survivors and well other tweeps already have their eyes set on particular people.

Tweeps are loving the drama already:

The show plays every Thursday at 7 pm on M-Net 101. We smell more drama, strategy, and backstabbing! Yay!

Source: Times Live


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