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Planets From Marvel Cinematic Universe Pt. 1

Today we are doing a planetary lesson, more specifically an MCU planetary lesson. Over the past decade, Marvel Cinematic Universe had graced us with a lot of mind-blowing Planets and locations concepts in their movies. in part 1 of this…

Are You Ready For Deadpool 2?

The first Deadpool movie was a refreshing experience when it came out. It came with a different vibe from what other superhero movies were giving us at the time. Directed by Tim Miller and Deadpool also Wade Wilson was played by Ryan…

More about Avengers Infinity War

I know I definitely am not the only one who had to watch Avengers Infinity War more than once. It’s just that good that’s why I’m also writing about it more than once. If you closely analyze all the Marvel Studios’ movies we have had, you…