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The 100 Comes Back On fire

So if you follow The 100 TV series, I know you are definitely excited about this season. The storytelling in this TV show has proven to be outstanding. On the 5th season and they still got us hooked, the story just keeps getting better.

So the last season saw Clarke being left behind as a massive death wave from nuclear reactors was spreading through the land. A team of all tribes both skycrew and grounders gets the bunker and a few get on a rocket but Clarke remains.

Season five kicks off with Clarke surviving the wave, must be because she is now a night blood. The bunker crew is trapped in the bunker as massive concrete rubbles from the fallen building cover the entrance of the bunker. The space crew also seems to be trapped in space as they have no means to get back to earth.

Clarke, however after searching for a habitable place, finds a little girl (Madi) who she befriends/adopts so she practically spends 6 years being a big sister or a mother. The twist in the story is that there is now only one place that is habitable on the planet which was not affected by the wave. There is also a satellite crew that was in orbit who were looking for a good place to land and is comprised of heavily armed prisoners against Clarke and Madi.

Tables have turned, Clarke and Madi are grounders now, with survival on their mind. Can’t wait to watch this story unfold, now on the second episode, take time to watch this awesome show.

Check out the trailer for The 100 season 5.

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