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The Herd’s witchcraft keeps getting worse day by day

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You know how a good horror story keeps you glued to the screen even though all you want to do is switch on all the lights and hope for good dreams instead of nightmares, well that is kind of what is happening with The Herd viewers every Sunday night.

The amount of witchcraft on The Herd is reaching a hard limit as it is becoming way too real for viewers but the storyline is too good to ignore, so tweeps are watching the drama with one eye open.

Winnie Ntshaba

It’s scary but you can’t not watch! Like last night, Bongani was hypnotised into a mute person. Just imagine! However, more than the witchcraft and the fight between good vs evil, one scene about land ownership got tweeps amped up.

Tweeps expressed their reactions in memes:

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Source: Times Live

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