Mzansi Celebs Who Died in Their 30’s

Death is inevitable and someday, we’re all going to die, which is a feeling none of us can shake or a phase in our lives none of us can avoid.

In the overseas entertainment industry, there is a cultural phenomenon known as the ’27 club’ which comprises of all the famous musicians who died at age 27.

Sfiso nwcane

Here in South Africa, the cultural phenomenon might just be taking off as well, especially considering the number of musicians who passed on in their late 30’s. Age 38 has become a fearful number for most people who have come to believe this cultural phenomenon because of the number of recent artists who have died at that age. Take a look at some of the stars who passed away during this time.

Brenda Fassie (39)

According to reports, Brenda Fassie died from an asthma attack which was caused by a cocaine overdose at the age of 39.

Mandoza (38)

In 2016 at the age of 38, Mandoza died of pharyngeal cancer which is cancer of the brain, he is survived by his wife and kids.

Lundi Tyamara (38)

Lundi died at the age of 38-years after a long battle with Tuberculosis of the stomach and liver disease. He was laid to rest in February 2017.

Flabba (38)

Nkululeko Habedi also known as Flabba died at the age of 38 after he was stabbed by his girlfriend.

HHP (38)

HHP passed away at his home in Ridgepark, North of Johannesburg, he was known to have suffered severe depression and in past interviews, he revealed that he had attempted to end his life a few times without success.

Linda Mkhize aka ProKid (37)

Prokid passed away at the age of 37, he died of a seizure attack on August 2018 and was also buried at the Heroes Acre in Westpark Cemetery alongside the likes of Mandoza, Dumi Masilela and many other entertainers, politicians and sportsman/women.

Sfiso Ncwane (37)

Sifiso Ncwane succumbed to kidney failure and died at the age of 37.

May their souls rest in peace.

Source: Zalebs

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