Mzansi’s Cutest couple Thishiwe Ziqubu and Mandisa Nduna: Pictures

Actresses Thishiwe Ziqubu and Mandisa Nduna have quickly become one of the hottest couples in Mzansi but claim that they never wanted to make their “coming out” as lesbian into a statement.

It wasn’t a conscious decision to come out because if we were a heteros-e-x-ual couple we wouldn’t have to do that.

Thishiwe Ziqubu

I am all for expressing my relationships so it was a natural thing to post selfies together,” Mandisa said.

Thishiwe Ziqubu

Celebrity couple Thishiwe Ziqubu and Mandisa Nduna have again flaunted their love to prove that homophobic comments have no place in their lives.They are Mzansi’s Amazing couple of the year.

Thishiwe Ziqubu

New H0T couple Thishiwe Ziqubu and Mandisa Nduna are always looking H0T and Gorgeous all the time.

Thishiwe Ziqubu

Of course, we live in a world where just by existing as a woman, your life is endangered but we believe the trick is to live and love just as we are meant to do. How is it your life when you live it for other people,” they said.

Thishiwe Ziqubu

The couple has always embraced their s-e-xuality with Thishiwe starring in the 2015 SAFTA award-winning film While You Weren’t Looking about gay and lesbian relationships in South Africa.

Reflecting on the film, the Imposter actress said many thought she was a man for most of the movie.

Source: entertainmentnowcoza/Instagram

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