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Twitter left confused after #DMF’s family offers (Tayla) vegetarian chicken: Memes

It’s really rough looking for love on the Mzansi streets, just ask bachelorette Tayla.Β  She went onto Date My Family to try to find her prince charming and instead found a whole lot interesting family members.


Tayla DMFMaybe it was the glare of the camera or the fact that Tayla was “a stunner,” but some of the family members got really tripped up.

Like that time she told everyone she was a vegetarian and got offered chicken.

One of Tayla’s potential dates was a dude by the name of Bonga. He was really sweet, but the guy had the masses shook when he took off his hat.

If that left you shook, they were probably having tea in the space station after Bonga’s friend grabbed the spotlight with what many fans saw as an attempt to block Tayla and Bonga becoming a thing.

But it was Ephraim who won Tayla’s heart with his smooth lines and, uh, interesting food habits.

Source: Times Live

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