Twitter savages Kanye West Over Comments

Kanye West has for a long time had a platform that whatever he speaks reaches multitudes. The black community has been fond of him since he boldly said “Bush doesn’t care about black people!” on national television. However, his recent comments had the black community and several celebrities showing outrage regarding Kanye West’s  slavery comments on TMZ. Kanye West said slavery was a choice and this did not go down well with the black community.

Most people on Twitter have since been calling him whitewashed by the Kardashians and a lot of stuff. Worst we have seen is that picture of a white version of Mr. West and they are saying that is the new Kanye. Kanye West has also been criticized for wearing a let us make America great hat from Trump’s campaign.

Kanye West has tried to explain himself on Twitter and also on an interview with Charlamagne saying he was talking about mental slavery. Kanye goes on to justify his support for Trump saying in a world full of hate why can’t we use love, hating on Trump was not a solution but getting together with him to find common ground is for a better future.

Is Kanye crazy or not? is he on to something? watch his interview for more.

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