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Twitter thinks Abomama’s Jonas should get VIP entrance to heaven

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The drama, which is centered around a religious group of women in Soweto and a dubious amount of money in the works, had a twist of a plot when Jonas, found the hidden money.

Jerry Phele

The Sunday night drama Abomama has had viewers glued to their seats since its debut and as viewers follow the story of dirty money in a clean church with “not so clean” saints, it has been a riveting watch.

Jonas finding the money was the first stress factor for Twitter, because:

Now, if you haven’t been watching Abomama, then you may be confused as to why viewers were worried that it was Jonas (played by Jerry Phele) who found the money.

Jonas is that uncle at church who loves, no like really loves the lord. He volunteers his time to clean the church and is just a very devoted man of God. He’s also not the sharpest pencil in the box, not that God cares about such, but when he found a sh*t load of money, everybody was just worried about his reaction.

Then, as only he would, Jonas went and took the money to the pastor!

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Instead of ballin’ out of control with his “manna from heaven” Jonas let go of all that cash. He treated the money like a lost and found ball, so he was rewarded with R100 for returning the bag of cash.

Twitter was just there like: #CanNeverBeMe

Needless to say, everybody thinks Jonas is too invested in the church and might possibly be brainwashed by the pastor.

But this church is also saucy AF because the pastor even quotes urban poets like uDrake during church sermons. Athi “started from the bottom and now we here”.

Source: Times Live



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