Unathi’s 40-year-old message to herself

Unathi’s 40-year-old message to herself. The starlet, singer, TV Host and also IdolsSA host Unathi Nkayi just turned 40 and she is so happy so as we because we like it to see our celebrities leaving up to this age. With the recent death of celebrities, it’s such a blessing to celebrate a birthday of one our best talent we have in our country. She was happy too to the extent that she penned down a sweet birthday message to herself, whilst she flaunted her beautiful body. Check the message below and the saucy pictures she posted on her Instagram account.


They say life begins at 40. It is my born day today. 40 years ago I was born to Sakhiwo no Nondwe who conceived me out of love. My uncle Ndabazoxolo Nkayi named me Unathi. I was the only grandchild, my grandfather, Themba, named.

UnathiTo which he gave me the name, Fundiswa, which I use as my second name. My grandfather was/is Themba, whose father was Dyonashe, the son of Singqe🙏🏾

Unathi and friendsI know I am the answer to my forefathers’ dreams and prayers and I hold that with high regard. I am the mother of Sinako and Imbo Msengana who too were conceived in love with the man who remains the love of my life.

UnathiI am sister to my incredible sisters, cousin-niece-aunt-granddaughter to my solid fam and friend to my absolutely crazy friends. To ALL of you thank you for your love.

Unathi FriendsTo those I love, have met, never have met and possibly never will. Your love has made me the woman I am today. Thank you for your love. LOVE is a doing word❤️

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