Unathi’s performance at #IdolsSA season14 finale: Pics

Unathi’s performance at #IdolsSA season14 finale: Pics. The starlet, singer, TV Host and also IdolsSA host Unathi Nkayi just turned 40 and she is so happy so as we because we like it to see our celebrities leaving up to this age. With the recent death of celebrities, it’s such a blessing to celebrate a birthday of one our best talent we have in our country.

She was happy too to the extent that she penned down a sweet birthday message to herself, whilst she flaunted her beautiful body. Talking about her body, ooh man she serves body goals and we recently noticed it too when she performed last night at #IdlsSA season14 finale.

It was an emotional night for Yanga who won the first place. Yanga was in top form on Sunday night when she debuted her chart-topping ballad, ‘Scars (All Over Me)’ and it showed. In spite of the jet lag and hectic schedule in Dubai she knocked the track out of the park like she’d been singing it live for years. Now she’s channelled that same raw emotion into a dark and haunting visual which captures the mood of the record perfectly.

But Unathi also stole the show with her top class performance here are some of the captured scenes from her performance…


The Queen doing her thing…


Serving the best…


What a performance from the Queen…


She knows how to do it right…


Oh my God, what a performance

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