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Which Avenger Are You??Superhero Personality Quiz!

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Have you ever thought you resemble a superhero? Are you a fan of all-things Avengers? Do you already have an alter ego thought up and ready to go? Then you need to take our Avengers quiz right away.

With Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War in theaters and breaking records, we’ve been feeling, let’s just say, a little bit more super lately. Really, who could blame us? Chris PrattChris EvansRobert Downey Jr.., Scarlett JohanssonMark Ruffalo and more co-stars have been spotted everywhere recently promoting this movie and it feels like superheroes are walking amongst us, which we’re not complaining about.

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It’s about time that we figured out which superhero is in each of us.

Whether it’s Iron Man (AKA you’re an intelligent person, who likes to lead and not follow) or Scarlett Witch (AKA you make things change around you with witch-like precision), being any Avenger is pretty badass. Now’s the time to find out which Avenger is hidden inside you. Take our quiz below and find out if you’ve really been a Thor all these years, or if the Hulk is more your style.

Which Avenger Are You?

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