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Would you give US singer Beyoncé R1600 for petrol?

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Would you give US singer Beyoncé R1600 for petrol? There is always that one friend who never takes the fuel gauge seriously and often thinks that even on empty, they can still get to their destination.

If you have that friend then you know that they are usually wrong and running out of petrol in a car actually happens. But would you expect it to happen to someone like Beyoncé?

Now as extreme as some scams can get, nothing is funnier than the one you are about to read. One social media user got a private message from an account claiming to be award-winning musician and actress, Beyoncé.

“Hey, this is Beyoncé and I’m in your city. Can you send me $120 (R1 687) for gas so I can perform,” the message read. Not to be defeated, the con artist then sent a picture of Bey in a car to “prove” that it was her.

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While this scam was funny, the same can’t be said for others. Last month rapper Boity has been scammed by a social media user who asked the star for help.

The media personality was conned into helping a Twitter user buy school shoes after he asked the star for help. “Hey Boity, can you please help my young brother with a (pair of) school shoes, size 6 for boys. He has nothing to wear when going to school,” tweeted the user.

The “Wuz Dat” hitmaker responded saying: “Ok, no problem. Will DM you.” After seeing Boity’s response, some users alerted the star that they too had been approached by the same tweep for help with school shoes.

The users stated that they had already sent the user money for school shoes. One user then said, “I hope people like Boity won’t be discouraged by this; we cannot have people taking advantage of other people’s kindness for their own benefits”.

Boity replied back saying it was okay, “It happens. It’s ok. The intention to help was pure and that’s all that matters”.

Source – IOL News


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