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Zodwa is going the traditional way to deal with Vusi

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Zodwa Wabantu and Vusi’s battle has been taken to court however Zodwa wants to use traditional methods to ‘sort him out.’


According to DailySun Zodwa has gotten herself into trouble by carrying a sacred traditional item called ‘ishoba.’

This was when she took a video with 4 traditional healers, threatening and cussing ex boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi for doing her dirty. “He messed with the wrong woman, he will feel the heat,” she threatened.

Zodwa Wabantu
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There was a picture of Vusi with an injured knee that had many thinking it was the result of Zodwa’s visit to the traditional healers.

Confirming to the publication that the rumours are false, he said it was a shoot for Zuluboy’s project.

“It’s OK. I don’t want to say much about it. This matter is before court. But I won’t be threatened by it. I will continue living my life,” he said.

Zodwa is happy in her new relationship and does not want to reveal the mystery man’s identity.

Source: Zalebs


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